The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Come and lose yourself in some fabulous stories – Trisha J. Kelly


I’m Trisha J. Kelly. Wife, mother, carer and sometimes, I like to write. Who am I kidding? I love to write and so I do… for children, middle-grade, cozy and crime lovers. I’ve even won a couple of awards along the way. My audience so far, like most indie writers, is fairly small – but I have some fantastic readers and I’d like to build on that.

You can find all of my books exclusively on Amazon which means I keep them all enrolled in KU so you can go through the entire collection and read as part of your subscription. Don’t have that? Well, don’t worry! I also keep all of my E-books on a permanent 99p pricing, which means no-one is excluded. The paperbacks are also very economical and great value for around £4.99 per book.

A couple of my books are stand alone and the rest are part of a series. Why not pop over to Amazon and type in Trisha J. Kelly. I’m very happy with every review in the different genres. You will also find some more on Goodreads. Thanks for reading my intro and I’m always delighted if you follow me on Amazon and take a few minutes to leave a review, it makes the whole journey worthwhile and then more people can find my books. All sorts of magical things happen then, I can’t wait!

My current series of books for those who love a bit of cozy, paranormal mystery.
Gritty crime for those who aren’t easily offended. Contains adult material.
The first in a series of missing persons. Anna Hamilton P.I and her father, Bill unravel the cases.
Love a bit of Potter or the Famous Five? Why not read the great reviews and start reading today!

These are just a few of the books I have on offer and there’s plenty more to come, start following me on Amazon today for automatic news by email of new updates. No subscription or junk mail – guaranteed.

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