It’s spring 2020 and the whole world is fighting a terrible virus. My thoughts are with you all and I pray as many of us as possible come out on the other side, safe and well. I’ve been isolating for a while now, being in a vulnerable group plus other members of my family too. For me, I consider myself lucky. Aside from a small daily walk anyway, life hasn’t changed too much and staying indoors isn’t a hardship. I’m a full-time carer and I work from home.

The brave key workers have all my respect and admiration for helping others during this crisis. Thank you, to all the doctors, nurses, carers, ambulance drivers and everyone else in the NHS. To the store workers and delivery drivers, postal and every other vital person out there keeping us going. You are all heroes, stay safe. While I have been indoors I have read a lot, eaten healthily, lost weight and written. I’ve finished the second book in the cozy, paranormal mysteries I’m writing and also penned my first newsletter. So here it is to tell you all about just some of my books. Maybe if you are isolating too they may just take you away to other places.

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