The Scarlett and Mason Series…

Discovering Witchetty Waters:
In the Wrong Lifetime:
The Rise of Sorcha:
When Some were Missing:
The Great Storm of 1397:
The Mystery of the ancient Key:

Sample from the first book, Discovering Witchetty Waters:

Discovering Witchetty Waters©Trisha J. Kelly

Changes were happening in Waters End Forest. Scarlett would not have found the stream before as it had been dried up for years. The images she had looked at were very outdated, ancient even. Now though, the waterfall had magically appeared in the centre of the forest and was bringing with it fresh running brooks all over the place. A haunting melody chased around the trees, and it was looking different on this side of the island. It was becoming enchanted.

Not so on the far side. The crawling ivy and ferns were slowly creeping their way up the walls of the log cabin where Septimus had resided for many years. The trees were growing thicker together; it was getting darker and darker.

Nancy Bakewell was adding finishing touches to the two Bobble hats. Winter was fast approaching and by the time those two children had been to’ing and fro’ing backwards and forwards, they would need plenty of rest in between. Their minds would need rest. By the time it was Christmas, they would surely be needing a break. Her hats were just the thing. In the special blend of wool was a grounding dye giving the wearer peace of mind and a calming influence. It was a bit like a little brain cell holiday, an unthinking and unwinding festive period.

Mason was adding an extra couple of things in his school bag for break time. A double-headed coin, playing cards, beakers and a dice. A little bit of tricky time on what was bound to be a boring day; little did he know. Scarlett was intrigued by the history of the island. Deep into her book she was reading up about the great storm and the ‘curse’.

The wind started to pick up quickly on the island and the sky turned a very dark grey. A loud rumbling of thunder clapped loudly and then came the light of bright sheet lightning. Moments later it rained fiercely and then it started to hail too, rapping loudly on the windows. Scarlett sat on her bed looking out at the sky. Where had that come from so suddenly? Five minutes ago the sky had been clear. She had never seen so much rainfall so quickly and the hailstones were gigantic. Another very loud clap of thunder made her jump. She counted until the next lightning…1… 2… 3… 4… 5… then the room lit up brightly. Wherever this storm had suddenly come from, it was almost on top of them.

Mason had his nose pressed to his bedroom window. “Excellent, well cool.” The trees were blowing wildly, bending, and the ground outside was shimmering in a frosty white covering. A strange coincidence, Scarlett thought. She had only just been reading about the great storm that sunk the Jolly Sea ship and all on board, and then a storm whips up from nowhere. The largest bang of thunder roared out in the sky, and Scarlett moved from on her bed to under it. She had never liked thunder; it scared her. Her room lit up with the brightest light as the lightning followed straight afterwards. Hail was bang-bang banging against the window, and the wind was howling. The sea was whipped up into a frenzy, the high waves came crashing down at the water’s edge, and the small boats were violently jumping up and down in their moorings. Amongst this sudden chaotic, ferocious weather, something dropped down from the sky and into the water at great speed then disappeared into the depths. As quickly as it had started, it came to a sudden stop. The wind, rain, hail, thunder and lightning just stopped. The storm had passed. A few moments later the sky was bright again with the winter sun and everywhere was calm and dry. It was as if the heavens had opened and then closed the doors shut.

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