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Image Image Hi Trisha   I have great news!   The pre-order for New Year in Mystic Springs is up! You can go ahead and order your copy now!    It says it will be released in May, but I’m still aiming to bring that forward to the end of this month. And if you’ve pre-ordered, the file will magically be downloaded to your device as soon as it’s released – yay!   Pre-ordering this book is the absolute best way you can support me through the current climate, where everything is a little scary and unknown.   I’m so blessed and grateful for your support!   Stay safe,   Mona x   PS: Other reading recommendations? How about this one and this one? Enjoy!     Mona Marple Sincerely, Mona Marple   Connect on:     Facebook    Instagram    Twitter    My Website   See all my books on Amazon

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