Bars and Boxcars

Release date – 1st May

This is a great series for cozy lovers. There are 5 books in the series so far, find them all on Amazon. Book number 6 Bars & Boxcars – Trixie Silvertale will be released on the 1st May.

This is my review for the latest book:

Bars and Boxcars – another great read

This is the 6th book in this series and they are in a running order if you want to catch the underlying stories moving alongside the cases. I love the way the characters are unfolding and how Mitzy Moon is evolving. She is becoming more mature, even funnier and is an ass whipping broad in this book. I thought her Daisy persona was great and found myself reading it in a Southern twang.
I think the books now have the right balance that I wasn’t 100% sure of in the beginning and are now in a great place. The mix of danger, paranormal, friendship, grumpy people, baddies and progressing love story are all very well-balanced.
So, in this story as usual, the protagonist is right in the centre of everything going on – when a dangerous band of train robbers hits town she does some fast thinking and plunges herself central to the mix.
Sheriff Erick, her love interest and object of desire is caught in a loving embrace with a strange woman and Mitzy does her bits and pieces. I love the way he is coming across as a strong, caring, heroic type of guy now. In a roundabout way they are working as a team and their slow-burning relationship steps up a notch.
I’m not going to say anything else about the story. Read it and find out for yourself! Recommended read and one of my favourite female sleuths.

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