Fantastic book giveaway

Did you get your free download of Bromington-on-sea? thousands did and I really hope you enjoy the first book in the Bromington series. Who wouldn’t love Rosie?! The book might even still be free for a couple of hours but the offer runs out early on the 25th April. If you missed it, don’t be too upset because guess what? It will then stay on offer for just 99p! Yes, you read that right, just 99p.

The second book in the series is Bromington Heights, also for just 99p! its a win-win situation. Look out for the third book coming in May… Bromington Beach. And guess what? That will also be available at an introductory price of just 99p! Great reads at the lowest prices to cheer you through these strange days.

In fact, my promotion has gone so well, with some fantastic shares, look out for another book coming on promotion shortly. ‘A Tropical Murder’ is the first book in a second series featuring the Honeystone sisters and the very astute, Matilda Millicent Brown. Laced with laugh out loud moments to keep your pecker up.

Don’t want to miss any news? Have a browse through my website, you can follow me or subscribe if you want to, so you’ll be the first to know when a new book has hit Amazon. I’m currently adding my books into the excerpt section. They aren’t all cozy – take The Case of Amy Owens – a P.I Anna Hamilton, works with her dad, Bill. Together with her husband, brother and pets they form an adorable family unit. The cases of missing people aren’t quite so ‘comfortable’. Think more like the TV programme ‘Vera’. A bit more graphic.

I also have a two-set Crime series, which is gritty and for adult reading. Not cozy at all. Wall to wall criminal activity for those who like Martina Cole style reads.

Children! if you have children or grandchildren or indeed – if you love Potter or Enid Blyton, you will fall in love with my Scarlett and Mason series. Winner of two awards: Best in Children’s Books and Winner in juvenile fantasy. And guess what? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find these at 99p! Not £5.99 an E-book. It doesn’t stop there, every single book is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. You can read them all as part of your membership. I also have a lovely book of children’s Christmas bedtime stories, 24 Sleeps to Go, an advent of excitement and two more books for children. One is Christmas themed, Blinky, Nutkins and Friends and the other, Beaky and George, is for young superheroes.

I’ve been writing for four years and I’m just starting to expand my readers. I would very much appreciate you leaving me a review. Even if it just says I liked it! I would love to get 50 reviews on each one of my books and you might just find you’ve found a new author you love. Why not tell your friends! You can follow me on Amazon too, that way they will ping you when there’s a new book out. My Amazon links are on my home page here. Plus all my other links. Hope you like my new website! This is my author page on Facebook if you want to give me a like, you can also shop directly from there.

Love to you all, happy reading and stay safe with plenty of good books to read.
Trisha. X

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