Social butterfly who writes books

There’s no such word as can’t’.

We all heard that several times a day as children. At least I did! Pushed to, no, let’s say… ‘encouraged’ to fulfil my potential. That’s a better turn of phrase, less harsh. There are very probably lots of things I still ‘can’t’ do, examples being:
Taking part in a bungee jump. Parachuting. Eating squid. Swallowing an oyster. Formula one driving. Talking in front of an audience. Uh-huh, still plenty of things I wouldn’t even attempt. I was almost 40 years old before I ever switched on a computer and really understood it. Yes, I’d tinkered, that’s about it until that point. Us dinosaurs used to type, I mastered that and got a couple of distinctions and certificates. I got the hang of accounting over the years, didn’t do a bad job – so there’s a pattern emerging here.
I’m a ‘thinker’ not a daredevil. The waltzer, dodgem cars and ghost train were my thing – know your limits. I was born to use my brains, if we dig deep we can all find something that is comfortable and feels right.
Fast forward to today… fact is, I’m not getting any younger, just like everyone else, so I decided to have a go at writing. As children who weren’t spoilt an imagination went a long way to fill our days. Fun was anything from blocks of wood to hours on hours of adventure playing in the local woods. We could be anyone we wanted and our days were endless. I often found myself lost in a bedtime book to further take me away to somewhere exciting, magical and amazing.

I had a go at writing a book. I’ve been back to it several times and it reads a lot better now! In fact, I wrote several, then some more and some. I discovered I could even make myself a few covers, give this editing lark a go, begin groups for other writers, make huge circles of friends, the list was endless. Am I the best in the world? Perfect? Famous? Rich? Will I ever be? When can’t becomes can, that’s a very good place to start. I’ve started so I’ll finish. It took an age, but after everything else I’ve achieved or not in my life – being blessed with a husband and two sons who the powers that be decided would share my life’s journey, I’m already a winner.

Never doubt yourself, you can do it. Unless it involves eating disgusting things from the sea and dropping from a great height!

Trisha. X

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