Bromington Beach

Out in a few days

Bromington Beach – Trisha J. Kelly

It all began in book one of the series – Bromington-on-sea. Rosie Wodehouse, is in her young twenties. She lives with her two pets, Bear, her loveable pup with a huge, fluffy head and Bumble, her arrogant cat. Her best friend, Anna Rose, lives in the flat directly above hers.

Her father, Walter is a lovely, caring man but he’s also henpecked by the awful woman who has never treated her as a daughter. Her mother, Mildred, only has eyes for her son, Michael Smith; his father went awol when she was in early pregnancy and Walter was duped into marriage.

After a miserable upbringing, Rosie left home and has struggled to make ends meet, but it was worth it just to get away. As she approaches her 25th birthday, things take on a different turn. A letter drops through her letterbox. It is from a solicitor, although Rosie is not inclined to open it at first as her pile of bills are large enough as it is. Two things happen in quick succession. Her father has been waiting for her 25th birthday before bequeathing her a large sum of money. Her Great Aunt Dorothea (deceased) has made her a beneficiary of her Will. Rosie didn’t even know she had this relative.

And so began the story… Bromington, an idyllic place situated on the coast between Devon and Cornwall. The new home for Rosie Wodehouse and the start of her new career. Dipping her toes into the water in the first book she is a big help in the case when a woman’s body is washed up with the incoming tide.

In book two, Bromington Heights, Rosie is once again central. A newcomer saunters into the area very late at night. his psychic ability has drawn him to the area. A murder is planned, he has had a premonition. A potential murderer is in their midst, he just doesn’t know who his victim is yet. The locals are not safe.

In the latest book, Rosie’s skills as a sleuth are coming on leaps and bounds. With the help of her best friend, Anna Rose, and her deceased great aunt, not to mention the skill-set of James Sallow, millionaire and physic, they team up when a local recluse claims she is to be the victim of a murder. Matters are helped along nicely by Rosie’s fiance who also happens to be the local Police Sergeant. Also, who is the new woman in town? Rosie should know all about her but she is completely in the dark.

Bromington Beach… out in a few days. Bromington-on-sea just 99p on offer. Bromington Heights just 99p on offer.

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