Bromington Series… so far

Bromington-on-sea, Bromington Heights, Bromington Beach.

The series… so far

It all begins in book one, where we meet Rosie Wodehouse. She is a young, twenty something who lives in a small flat with her beloved pets. Bear, her playful pup, and Bumble, her temperamental cat. Over the last couple of years she has befriended Anna. Anna Rose, the fun-loving very talented artist who lives in the flat upstairs. She is slightly older than Rosie and the two of them have become very good friends over the last couple of years.

Anna just has her mum, Jane, and a few, not very meaningful relationships in her past. Jane is adorable and quite often sends her daughter home with tins of home-made cakes and delights after their trips out for the day.

Rosie loves her father, Walter, but he has done very little to stand up to her mother, Mildred Wodehouse over the years. The woman takes great delight in making her daughter’s life as miserable as she possibly can. The child has never been anything more than an inconvenience and continues to be so as far as she is concerned. Mildred has a son, Michael, who she dotes on, she only has room in her heart for him. Neither Walter nor Rosie have ever held her affections. Walter is Mildred’s provider, tricked into marriage and Rosie was a mistake. Michael’s father emigrated to Australia shortly after Mildred announced she was pregnant.

True to form, Rosie is counting the days to her next payday. Her pets are always well fed, unlike herself. She has more biscuit crumbs in the bottom of her cupboard than anything else. She hates her job, her 25th birthday is looming and the postman has just delivered an official looking letter. It will soon find itself on the top of the unopened pile she can’t quite bring herself to open.

The view from her tiny London flat is nothing to marvel at, parked cars in a small road which turns into several other small roads. When the phone rings and rings again she is forced to open the letter.

Bromington-on-sea is where it all begins…

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