Christmas is coming and you know what that means!

Yes. It’s time to grab your paperback, if you don’t already own this magical, advent book. 24 Sleeps to Go has one bedtime story for every night from the 1st December to the magical moment of Christmas Eve. This is the perfect present for sharing stories and you are guaranteed to enjoy them year after year. Who will be your favourite?
Let’s have a little sneaky look inside…

The Greedy Child…

Rubella’s heavy package heaved and sighed and crashed to the floor. It slithered and dithered and burst at the seams. No white magic could ever have the strength to pull it into the air. So, it banged, and it bumped across the floor, where it made its way to the foot of the stairs. With a huff and a puff, the big envelope crawled, and it crawled.

Santa’s Snowy Owls…

He was rocking backwards and forwards, in his giant rocking chair. It helped him to make his boots very shiny. Backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards, he rocked.

The cuckoo clocks began striking 10 o’clock. There were lots of them! Cuckoo, cuckoo they all called, ten times each. Barney the dog put his paws over his ears. It was far too loud.

Chocolate Growing Trees…

Suddenly, there was a loud blowing of trumpets, meaning an announcement was going to be made.

‘Gather round, gather round, everyone,’ called the town crier.

‘Her Majesty, the Queen of Candy would like you all here for the planting of the new trees. That is because, you are going to plant them. Grab a shovel and follow me.’ The town crier jumped down from his soap box and led the way.

Just One More Sleep…

By 9 o’clock it is time for us all to get in our beds and have our Christmas stories read to us, because by 10 o’clock we must all be asleep. Auntie Sandra is reading to me and my sisters, Mum is reading to our cousins and Uncle Billy is telling Aiden a story about monsters and aliens, it isn’t the nice story that we are hearing about. Ours is all about the Christmas fairy that saved the day when the lights went off on Christmas Eve. Mum likes to read the same story for our cousins at Christmas, the Christmas Carol, all about Scrooge and the three ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

My eyes are getting sleepy now after our very busy Christmas Eve. I can barely hear Auntie Sandra as she tells me everywhere the fairy goes to help mend the lights. I stare through the open curtains, watching the twinkly stars shining brightly. The man in the moon must stay awake tonight, because he makes sure that all Santa’s maps are working for him to find the way with his sleigh. Even though Rudolph has a very shiny nose…

These are just tiny snippets from the 24 stories and Santa has asked me to whisper a secret to all the grown-ups… this lovely present with its colourful cover is just £5.99 on Amazon. If you want to get the ebook on your reader, it is just £1.49, and… like all books by Trisha J. Kelly it is free with KU! But don’t tell everyone!!

Oh, and for those who like a feature-length Christmas adventure then you’ll love this book to run alongside 24 Sleeps to Go.
Blinky, Nutkins and Friends

Let’s have a sneaky peak inside…

“Halt!” boomed Horace and Herbert. The grey hares stood tall, defending their neck of the woods. The babbling brook was on the outskirts of the Fabled Forest. The Windy Woods was where the fresh stream began. Fresh water gurgled and bubbled, winding its way beneath the tall trees.

Slippery skidded to a halt. His thin legs bending and tripping until he toppled forwards. He tumbled headfirst into a pile of cold, wet leaves.

“Just where do you think you’re going?” Horace wanted to know.

“Yes, explain yourself,” Herbert demanded. The tall hare had his paws up, wanting to box the fox’s ears.

“Why I’m … I’m a little…lost,” spluttered Slippery.

“Lost? Lost? Ha! prove it. What have you got to say to convince us?” Horace also braced himself, curling his paws, ready for a boxing match.

Glancing this way and that way, Slippery could see he was trapped, unless he leapt. Clinging on to the nearest tree trunk he scuttled upwards.

Far from being angry, the two hares laughed. And laughed. And laughed. For this was the lone tree; it stood alone, proud and tall. The fox had trapped himself. There was no escape…

T-Bone sat, on guard, just inside the doorway to the flying machine. Out flounced Brutus. Hitching a ride and giggling away were Tiny Minx and Prickles. “Hold tight, both of you,” the dog said, in his deep voice. He plodded slowly towards the cabin. Slippery had snuck around the corner, spying on them. Afraid to move in case the cat was next, the fox stayed very still.

The cat was staying right where he was, eyeing Nutkins every time the squirrel made a move.

“Nice place you have here. I’m Nutkins, what’s your name?”

A hiss, and a spit, followed by an arched back and a deep growl gave him his answer. T-Bone’s tail banged angrily from side to side, daring the creature to take one step closer. Nutkins stood his ground, but he didn’t move any nearer. Studying the cat, the squirrel was curious. “Boy, you are pretty angry, what’s the matter?”

“Meow,” T-Bone hissed, over and over. “ME-OW!”

“Well, if you ever want to talk about it, over a nice bowl of creamy milk, I’ll be there.” Nutkins carried on having a good look around the rest of the space. Blinky and Stanley were busy planning a route.

Taking a chance, the fox tip-toed inside the barn, creeping silently around the back of the machine where no-one could see him. An occasional hiss told him exactly where the ‘devil cat’ was. Plodding as slow as he was able, Slippery made it to some bales of straw. Wiggling inside, he crouched down.

“Oh, my goodness me, dear oh dear.” Prickles edged her way closer to Brutus’s head. The dog had awful wind. “What have you been eating? Phew…”

…“I know why nobody can ever find this Village now, it’s because it vanishes from the radar as soon as you get near. The last thing I saw was the huge wall of solid snow. Everything else was blank,” Stanley explained…

Another wonderful book for just £5.99 a paperback, or 99p for the Kindle version, again, enrolled with KU. Two lovely presents this year for young people. Don’t forget… 24 Sleeps starts on the 1st December.

Merry Christmas, everyone… Love, Trisha. X

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