Thank you

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I just wanted to say thank you. This year has been a turbulent one for us all as we’ve gone through a worldwide pandemic which has claimed thousands of lives. Sometimes, we wouldn’t get through such rocky waters without our friends. I’m grateful to all of you who have carried on, regardless.
Without the dedication of all those workers who have kept vulnerable people like myself going, I’m not sure where I’d have been this year. The weekly, doorstep groceries have been a godsend. Packages, parcels and letters. So I’d like to give a big shout out to Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Amazon and our Royal Mail. The dedicated staff have kept me afloat.
Our NHS and all those health workers who have put themselves in the front line this year, caring for others. In hospitals and care homes, you have been worth your weight in gold. Every one of you, a true hero.

I want to thank my special friends. The ones who have taken the time to ask how I am this year, even though they have been going through their own, personal challenges. The support you have given me throughout has lifted me. To, Colleen and Claire, you gave me the courage and support to keep fighting. It was nail-biting for a long time there, finding somewhere to live, a warm home for me and my family. Not everyone is that fortunate. So many are spending this Christmas on the streets. People have lost their jobs, lost cherished loved ones. I am fortunate to have survived the year and ended up with a roof.

We lost our dear little dog, Alfie, on the 10th January, 2020. He wasn’t just a dog. He was the best-natured, cuddliest little boy in the world. And I miss him. I want to thank my family for being my rock, and I theirs. They are the constant in my life. Tim, Daryl and Adam are my world. So, THANK YOU. To all my Facebook friends. The ones I’ve known for years, new ones too. I want to thank, Eva for all her continual kindness in sharing, not just my books, but her friendship. Jenny, a great, new friend. Julia, I love your books and your weekly blog. Gene, you make me laugh! Jesse… you too have had your battles this year and you soldier on. Every single friend, old and new, thank you for your posts, support and friendship.

Happy Christmas, everyone. Let’s hope that sometime in 2021 we can grab back something which resembles ‘normal. Stay blessed, well and happy.

Trisha. xx

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