New year, new series…

Clue of the Ghostly Trail

Meet Florence Fox, freelance journalist, sometimes reporter. She has her own ideals in the modern world and is attached to her soulmate and best friend, Albus. The Chocolate Labrador is very well-behaved, a fully-trained helper and trustworthy confidante.

True to form, things in her life don’t go to plan. After a colourful exit, Floxy and Albus drive away from existence as she knows it just five days before Christmas. There is no plan, and lifelong best friend, Willow, comes to the rescue. Or does she? What seems like the best offer she is going to get, now the going has got tough, turns out, in fact, to be an invitation straight into pending danger.

They almost arrive in the picturesque village. Things go wrong but they carry on regardless. Was it any coincidence they broke down partway through a Ley line? Where is everyone and just what the heck is going on?

Join Florence as she enters the village of Goldhenge, a turning point in her turbulent life. This brand new series is out shortly on Amazon. As with all my books it will be available on KU. Why not follow me there, or here, be the first to know of my new releases.

Thank you for reading! Stay safe and well.

Trisha. x

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