Awakening – the Inevitable Door by Jenny Jeffrey

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Listen to Jenny’s live interview on Book Talk Radio today the 3rd February,2021 with the very talented Claire Harris. This is Claire’s message…

‘I will be talking to Book Talk Radio Club 2020 award finalist, author Jenny Jeffrey on Wednesday 03 February at 8.00pm (GMT). Jenny is the author of Awakening – The Inevitable Door. ‘From the moment of our birth; death — a mystery still — becomes a fact of life.’ In 1984, Jenny witnessed the death of her three-year-old daughter, Elin Mair. Awakening – The Inevitable Door is written in conversation with her daughter, revealing her dying process, her birth and her conception which had its beginnings in another dimension. Jenny also writes about the Realms of Light, the 22nd Dimension and the Octaves of Light. You can listen in at’

Jenny is a remarkable lady and I cannot begin to do her justice with just a few words. Neither could I express all the things I wanted to say when I reviewed her book. I urge you to listen to the interview tonight for more clarity.
This is not just a book, it is a message to mankind and the more you understand how our bodies and minds work and how we are connected to other realms and dimensions the clearer the writings would be, they would make more sense. For the fully aware, this is a revelation.

While I have a small amount of gifts myself in hearing messages and feeling spirit and a tiny splattering of seeing an aura when I tune in, I have never experienced the things that Jenny has. Throughout her life she has been attuned, found the way to heal herself, understood the true meaning of love through our hearts and has opened her mind to the teachings from her daughter who was always destined to be here for just a while.

During those three years on planet Earth her daughter, Elin Mair, crammed in so much more compared to other children of her age group for she knew before she was born her time here was limited.

This truly is a revelation, not just a book, and not something I have enough experience of to claim to understand the depths of light and all that it means. All I can tell you is, this is one interview you won’t want to miss.

Meet Jenny Jeffrey, tonight. A truly remarkable human being, a lady whose path I have been blessed to cross.

Trisha. X

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