Clue of the Ghostly Trail – Florence Foxy Cozy Mystery

New year, new book and the first of many exciting releases by moi, Trisha J. Kelly! 2020 was a funny old year and like many people, I was thrown a little off-kilter. My writing was affected for a while and I couldn’t do much from May onwards. I’d lost my mo-jo. I searched, half-heartedly, but it was no good. My creative juices glass was empty. Not just half-empty, as dry as a bone.

Now I’ve found it! I’ve no idea where it’s been but somebody let it out. Now it won’t shut up, my mind is going crazy with a backlog of ideas bursting at the seams. Will you keep up? First of all Florence Fox was shouting, “let me out, let me out!”

Ah, okay then, thought I, pleased to meet you. Now, who are you and where are we going? A new character was born, and with her came her wonderful and highly talented, four-legged best friend. Albus, the Chocolate Labrador, who will steal your heart. Known to her friends as Floxy, we join her as she leaves her last relationship behind and takes off in her camper van which is twice as old as she is!

Christmas is five days away and aside from a few bags of belongings and emergency snacks, the duo are travelling light. At least best friend, Willow Plante, has given her a lifeline and kindly offered the use of her book shop office as temporary shelter. In true bestie style, she forgets to mention several small matters. Firstly, the freelance journalist would be sharing with a room mate. Tobias the resident ghost. Which might not be as alarming as the fact there just might be – might be, mind- a murderer on the loose. Most of the other residents have left town too, taking an old prophecy and warning letters very seriously.

The best book so far! Wow! Us writers can get big heads you know, but absorb compliments like a sponge, thank you. I’ve barely published book one in this series and book two is screaming at me, which one first? A little glimpse of what we can expect in book two…

For the readers who are loving my Bromington Series, again, thank you. Fighting for her place as the next release is Rosie Wodehouse. Not only is our adorable sleuth getting married, things are afoot in Bromington-on-sea as the May Fair is coming to town. Would you like a sneaky preview at the cover? Be the first to see it, and guess who’s rearing her ugly head? The detestable Mildred is determined to spoil her daughter’s big day.

So, I can’t stop her gossiping all day. I have a busy schedule! I’d love you to follow me here and on Amazon as well. Don’t miss any of the exciting new books coming your way this year! You could always catch up on any you’ve missed while you’re waiting. I’m multi-genre and you can find everything on Amazon. I care about my readers, and your pockets! You can read any of them for just 99p or find them on KU.

Why not click here to find links to just about everything!

Take care and stay tuned for an exciting year. Thank you for reading. Speak soon!

Trisha. x

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