I’d like to build an ARC team…


I’ve been writing books for four years now in several categories and in particular, I’m concentrating on British cozy mysteries. To date, I have four published books out in my Bromington series, a newly released book in my Florence Fox series, one published in my Honeystone Sisters series (which is a cozy/cum mystery) plus something a little darker in my Anna Hamilton missing person series.

I’ve also released children’s books, middle-grade and crime thrillers. I run a group for Indie authors, and moderate and admin in another two. I also ARC read for three cozy writers (possibly four now) and, like most writers, I need more exposure for my books. I keep my reads to around 200 pages to keep the costs down to 99p a book, also, all are with KU. I’m proud to have most of my reviews in the 4-5* region and I have some lovely readers.

For now, I will be offering a PDF version of my books, over the coming months, I want to find out how to get them onto Bookhip and similar. Ideally, I’d like to set up a friendly ARC group and readers who could let me know if they spot anything amiss, have any suggestions if needed and who would have the review ready on publishing day for Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub in the US etc. I understand not everyone can leave reviews on Amazon, in which case, I’d be happy for you to leave where you can and perhaps share the book link and encourage readers who you think might like to read my books.

There is an option to follow me here on my website, this way you would get an email of when new books are being released via my posts. You can also follow me on Amazon for the same thing. I will send out PDF’s via FB messenger. I’m quite happy to backtrack too. If you would like a free PDF of any of my books already out, then I can send them to you one by one as you leave a review.

Many thanks for reading this far. This link here is to everything, why not take a look on your local Amazon and see the books available. Please get in touch if this is for you.

Take care,

Trisha. Xx https://linktr.ee/trishaj.kelly_author

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