ARC team reviews

Hi, everyone.

I just wanted to thank those of you who have your reviews in already, both on Goodreads and your local Amazon. I have left the link above for the Goodreads books. I’ve also put the reviews so far on my Facebook ARC group page. This is the link for that:

So far, the response has been great, all 5* and I couldn’t wish for anything better. I hope you’re all enjoying the first book in the series. I’m working hard on the second which will be published in March and I will give you your copies of that two weeks before release date. Be prepared for a great story in book two!

Thank you once again for joining my team and if it’s possible to get your first reviews in by the end of February that would be greatly appreciated. I expect this six-book series will be released approximately at the rate of one book per month. If you need longer to read then please message me, or if you read quickly and would like more books, I’m always happy to release books from my other collections to regular ARC readers who review in good time. Please remember, the copies are only for you, if you have friends who would like to join and would leave their own reviews, they can get in touch too.

That’s enough from me this week! Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and I hope you get thoroughly spoilt! Stay safe and well. Until next time!

Trisha. X

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