The Secrets of Owl Cottage: Release date 16th, March 2021

The Secrets o Owl Cottage

Coming next week, the second book in the new Florence Fox Mystery series. The Secrets of Owl Cottage is the second book in the series. The first, Clue of the Ghostly Trail is available on Amazon as both a paperback and Kindle. Here’s a little snippet from book one:

He was hoping the snow would not settle last night, as he snuck through the back gardens; he’d watched the trio lock the book shop and leave. Judging by the number of bags they’d taken; the coast was now clear. She wasn’t coming back. Not long to go now, but he would bide his time, he could only strike once, and the best opportunity had yet to arise. For the curse to be believed, it must be during the twelve days. The newcomer and her dog had had a lucky escape. If anyone got in his way, they would die. Had died.

A little snippet from book two: The Secrets of Owl Cottage.

The sound of sirens interrupted their conversation, and they drew closer.

“What’s going on?” Cora hurried back up the garden and Frankie followed close behind. He was annoyed he hadn’t had a chance to look inside the shelter but if there was an emergency going on, their reporting skills had to come first.

The side gate burst open and Sergeant Beam rushed into the garden. “Everyone stay where you are. No, no, on second thoughts, can you all assemble inside the cottage please, make way now.”

“What on earth is happening?” Primrose asked. “Is there a fire?”

“Not a fire, Miss, no. Please make your way inside with two of our officers. All of you, come on now, hurry along.”

The Secrets of Owl Cottage – Out on the 16th, March.

Florence Fox has recently settled down in a quaint, English village. Goldhenge is a place not to be taken at face value. Underneath the picturesque, cobbled streets and Victorian shopfronts, lies an area brimming with interesting characters. Many of whom are not what they seem.

Floxy, as she’s known to her friends, takes two of her young team out to Owl Cottage. The journalists are continuing their magazine feature on the beautiful gardens surrounding Primrose Templar’s home.

That is, until the plan ends, abruptly. The police arrive unexpectedly after receiving an anonymous tip-off. Albus, the clever Chocolate Labrador, willingly helps them find a bit more than any of them bargained for. A concealed body.

Florence and her unorthodox team join forces as bewildered Primrose is taken away in a police van. The terrified young woman is arrested for murder, and the evidence against her is damning.

Trisha J. Kelly. Multi-genre award-winning author on Amazon. Why not follow me to get news of my regular releases direct to your inbox. Thank you for reading. I keep all my books @ 99p UK all are enrolled with KU. Happy reading! With so many to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find something that will tickle your fancy!

Trisha. x

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