The Secrets of Owl Cottage

Well, here we are! My brand new cozy mystery is out a little early and I think I’ve just had two early 5* reviews in which are among my best yet. Wow! It makes it all worthwhile. I’ll just pop them here for you…

Evil is at the heart of this mystery, both in the crime and the treatment of the new character, Primrose.
The author jumps right in with the easy flow of how the characters interact with each other. It is playful, showing the developing friendships, leaving you unsuspecting as to the awful undercurrents that are hidden by a straightforward murder mystery.
Floxy and friends, both 2 and 4 legged, work together to solve the crime and help a new friend. The personality of each major character is developing, each with their own voice. And there is a romance starting!
The mind games that are played on Primrose infuriate Floxy and Willow, and they are determined to not only clear her name but help her move forward.
The clues are cleverly planted and the ending a total surprise. But it doesn’t stop there. Trisha Kelly, the author, expertly sets the reader up for the next book in the series without the use of an extreme cliffhanger. Well done, highly recommend!

I loved this case!

An intriguing case, complicated, with many sides to it. The case was one of the best I’ve ever read. I found the psychological aspect of the case very interesting. This author has her own unique writing style, very British. And very much relying on the great cast of characters. Very diverse. Some kind, some bossy, some quirky, and I love them all! But, Albus the sweet Chocolate Labrador is my favorite, although he has to share first place with brawny Phantom, who is not very tactful but his heart is very much in the right place. And don’t forget cute little kitten Lila, and the way Albus interacts with her; that’s very sweet and heartwarming! And oh yeah, there is a ghost who leaves clues, he doesn’t play a big role, but it is an important one! So, the characters continued to impress me, as did the storyline.

Weren’t they great? I’m a British multi-genre and mystery writer and I like to write something you can get your teeth into! Of course, this is the second book in the brand-new series and the first book, Clue of the Ghostly Trail needs to be read first so you can see where I’m going with the series. This is the link for book one. I’m a quick writer and expect the third book, The Scintillating Summer, will be released some time during April 2021.

Thank you for reading this far. All my books are on Amazon for just 99p (UK) or free with KU. Happy reading and thank you for following me here on my website to be the first to hear of new releases. I never send junk mail!

Have a great weekend,

Trisha. X

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