Meeting the authors

As an author, I realise the importance of belonging in a circle of like-minded authors and supporters, who are not only excellent writers but are very supportive of others. Some staples in my life are Eva Pasco, Jesse Frankel, Jenny Jeffrey, Gene Stiles, David Padilla, Jamie Rutland Gillespie, DA Kelly and Victoria LK Williams. Not only do they regularly share my books posts, and I theirs, they support me regularly in all sorts of ways. I may come onto Facebook to find I suddenly have a brand new, lovely cover or Ad picture, a recent surprise from DA Kelly. A great book feature by Jamie Rutland Gillespie. Today, I found I was featured in Victoria’s latest newsletter, see below:…

Of course, there are so many more people who support me, writers, readers, family, and I appreciate every share, every review. My ARC readers are terrific; a brilliant new team and so valuable. A special mention to Nadine Peterse-Vrijhof, who supports so many authors in a multitude of ways. Thank you. I’d like to share a few book links now and pay it forward. I won’t tell you who writes what, click and see – I can guarantee some great reads for you among their collections.

Eva Pasco: 100 Wild Mushrooms, Memoirs of the 60s.

Jesse Frankel:…/B08ZM…/ref=pd_rhf_dp_p_img_3… Edward Eternal.

Jenny Jeffrey:…/dp/1788238915/ref=sr_1_1… Awakening: The Inevitable Door.

Gene Stiles: The World of the Creator.

DA Kelly:…/dp/0648964434/ref=sr_1_2… Brooms Away.

Victoria LK Williams Beach House Mystery Series is running order, this is a link to book 5.

I’ve just scratched the surface here. I will be reading and reviewing Brooms Away this week. There are so many great writers, readers, friends, supporters that I’d like to thank on my journey. At the moment, I’m working on my third Florence Fox Mystery, A Scintillating Summer due for release in April. Next up will be my fifth Bromington book. One fans won’t want to miss, as young, Rosie Wodehouse, finally gets her dream wedding.

If you haven’t started the new mystery series yet, here are the links for you. Clue of the Ghostly Trail. The Secrets of Owl Cottage.

Books 1 and 2 available now-a running series

I’d love you to follow me here to get news of all new releases straight to your inbox. (No junk mail, promise!).

Take care, keep well, and don’t forget to stock up on your Easter Eggs.

Trisha. x

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