Are you awake yet?

Spare five minutes of your time

Hi, everyone. This is probably going to be the most difficult and controversial blog I will ever write. It is not designed to scare, just to catch your attention urgently and open your eyes. At the end of the day the decisions you make could save lives, could save yours. I cannot stay quiet learning all I have and now is the time to spread the word far and wide to limit the damage and stop this in its tracks.

Now, I’ve always been a believer, always knew there would be a time I would pray to God for the sake of all mankind. This week I reached that point in my life. Have you ever had a moment when your very soul has cried out to you and told you to stop? I’d like to say I had that.

I have it now, but the truth of the matter is, our 31-yr-old son spent the last year during lockdown doing some heavy research. He started this shortly after we were hit with the Covid-19 virus and the world announced this pandemic. (or plandemic – whichever way you want to look at it). We thought he was going off his head, his urgency become so great we were worried for his mental health. He was ranting, just like my deceased brother used to do; now, we are convinced he was being used as an instrument from the other side to send us a stark warning… don’t take the jab.

Because of his persistence, we stopped short. Initially, we thought we’d sit back for this year at least and watch how this all panned out. Eventually, my sixth sense kicked in and I listened to every word our son was trying to scream at us and I’m so glad I did. Despite umpteen calls and texts from the NHS we declined these jabs. The swabs also, I returned mine, have you seen one of these magnified 1000 times? I have. They have ‘live’ black worm like additives which stick to your skin. Now, let’s be clear, the jabs are not a vaccine, this is something you need to understand and be clear on. This is gene therapy and has never been used on mankind before. It is poisonous and will alter your DNA. at this point, I’d like to add a link…

Please watch this video and spread the word

If you can’t see all the content of this video pm me on Fbook and I will forward you the message. It is being banned from your sight. I have pasted it on my Twitter feed. There did come a point when everything being thrown at us, did not make sense. Alarm bells rang more and more. Why are the media throwing this in our faces 24/7? Especially the jab. Get your life back. Never have so many lies been broadcast. Don’t believe for one moment any of these news presenters took the jab on live TV. I have spent a year doing great research. I didn’t write much last year. I started this year on a more positive note, but now I’m becoming consumed with getting this message out instead. This isn’t fiction it is real and far more important. At this point let me add a FB group that has grown from 0-35K in just over one week. Read the true stories here, see the pictures.

If you have not taken the jab yet, I urge you not to. If you have taken 1 jab, don’t take any more. If you’ve taken 2 jabs, just stop. There is a chance you may have had just a placebo. Take extra care over this coming autumn and winter. The jab has only been put together for Covid-19 the original strain, when this virus continues to mutate, you won’t fight it. At all costs, you need to avoid catching any Covid, especially after being jabbed.

Life will not get ‘back to normal’ you have been and are being lied to in what is the biggest depopulation mass genocide in history. It really is that simple. Stop now and look at the facts. I’m going to leave you with this FB group. If you do anything today, read the stories, read the truth. Getting back to something I said previously, my family of four got together this week. We sat around a table, held hands and we prayed to God and Archangel Michael, to protect us, save us and show us the way. We prayed for all souls to be saved. The jab is also disconnecting souls from human bodies, please research the pineal gland. If you want to know more, have questions, email me or pm me. If you think I’m a tin foil hat nut job, then I can only say I tried to warn you. If humankind is going to survive this, at least listen.

Warning: some of these stories are harrowing. I wish this group and others would go public. If it saves just one life, it would be something. Please keep spreading the word, and stop this.

Stay safe and well, build up your immunity and keep practising safety. Please, please, listen.

Trisha X.

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