The Scintillating Summer

Release date: 5th July

Hi, everyone! Well, at least they are having a sizzling summer in the picturesque village of Goldhenge! Temperatures are rising when our small, reporting team, head off to Butter Plains and camp out at the annual, summer-solstice festival. Davina Wine, Phantom’s love interest, joins the entourage which adds to the bedlam of the week.
Floxy is delighted to have been given exclusive press rights and the journalist team waste no time interviewing both the locals and the up-and-coming stars performing over the course of the week.

Everything is leading up to the star, finale act on the closing evening. Nothing goes to plan, when mid-week, on the longest day, a talented young singer is found slumped behind the stage in the early hours. The local, concealed military base doesn’t like how close the festival is, they have a lot to hide. Frankie and Phantom are having a hard time keeping away from the restricted area as they enjoy the weeks festivities.

How far will Florence Fox have to go back to find the truth of what really happened? Can Tobias, their resident ghost be of any help? Join them in their latest case. The Scintillating Summer. Release date: 5th July.

Florence Fox came to Goldhenge over the Christmas period and walked straight into a ghost town. Everything was shut and she felt quite alone when she opened the door to her temporary shelter. Her friend Willow’s book shop. With just her adorable, Chocolate Labrador, Albus for company it all started off rather bleak and she was bad-tempered. Until everything began to change…

Book one in the running series: Clue of The Ghostly Trail

Clue of the Ghostly Trail

Not much time has passed when Floxy, once again, finds herself thrown straight into another case. This time, the Goldhenge Gazette team are due to interview Primrose Templar and take pictures of her delightful cottage and gardens for their regular magazine feature of local beauty spots and buildings. Albus is very excited about the visit, he has a soft spot for the young lady who is confined to a wheelchair, and she, him.

Alas, things don’t go too well, when our favourite, friendly helper leads the local police straight to a reported body in an old shelter in the grounds. It wouldn’t be at all possible for the crippled woman to commit murder, would it? Besides, she seems far too nice. Intrepid young reporter, Cora Frost doesn’t take long to put her Nancy Drew skills into action and this time the team uncover far more than they ever thought possible. Book two, The Secrets of Owl Cottage, in the Florence Fox Series is available on Amazon.

Also my paperbacks are currently being enrolled and will soon be available in Waterstones online. You can find a large selection of my books there already.

Thank you for reading and I really hope you enjoy the Florence Fox cozy mystery series. All books are also available with KU.

Many thanks, stay safe and well. Until next time…

Trisha. X

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