The Scintillating Summer

Out today! Brand new cozy mystery – the third in the Florence Fox set.

Temperatures are rising when our small, reporting team, head off to Butter Plains and camp out at the annual, solstice festival. Not all of it is to do with the blazing, June sun. Phantom’s love interest, local landlady, Davina Wine, joins the entourage which adds to the noisy fun and bedlam planned for the week. Floxy is delighted to have been given exclusive press rights and her journalistic team waste no time interviewing both the locals and the up-and-coming musical stars performing over the course of the week.

Everything is leading up to the star turn and final act on the closing evening. For most of the week, everything appears quite normal, which is unusual for Goldhenge. Then… it all falls apart. Mid-week, on the longest day, a talented young singer is found slumped behind the stage in the early hours. The local, military-based operatives do not like how close the festival is; what have they got to hide? Frankie and Phantom are having a hard time keeping away from the restricted area as they enjoy the week’s festivities. In fact, their UFO obsession has taken over and the budding, alien spotters spend more time chasing the military than helping Floxy track down the attacker.

How far will Florence Fox have to go back to find the truth of what really happened? Can Tobias, their resident ghost be of any help? Join them in their latest case to find out.

Also in the series:

Book 1: Clue of the Ghostly Trail

Book 2: The Secrets of Owl Cottage.

Be the first to read and thank you always for your wonderful reviews and shares, they are much appreciated.

As always, I hope this finds you safe and well and I hope you enjoy a few hours escapism.

Many thanks,

Trisha. X

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