The Day You Chose Life

If you’re looking for the way out, look behind you.

Take a good look at the trained Border Collie doing his job. His instincts teach him from an early age. He was born to work and this is what he loves to do, gather the sheep. It could be a her, of course, it matters not. This lovely animal is a worker, has to be kept busy, and this is what it does best. Gathers the sheep for the farmer and rounds them up to a place of safety.

A clever dog, obedient, hard-working and gentle by nature. Like all animals, he responds to love, affection, guidance, and in this case, training. Dedication from his master. He needs clear instructions which he will carry out to the letter. Sometimes, the climate changes and he needs to work in a hurry. Each winter he will go off with his master and bring the sheep back to lower ground where they are safe, where they will not get stuck, or come to harm. They round up their herd when they need shearing. All in all, things work very well and casualties are minimal.

Until one day, the master becomes invisible. He is replaced by other people who have now taken over the farm. They were always there, in the background, making plans. The dog is replaced with a different breed, same appearance. There are thousand of the dogs now in all countries they all have the same name, Media. Media carries on herding, it’s his job. Only now he knows he’s taking the sheep through the gates to destroy them, Bill just tells him to do it, from somewhere up the chain of command. So he does it. It’s how he earns his bread and butter, money is his god. Little does media everywhere know, at some time in the future, they will all be surplus to requirements too. So they keep banging their drum, gathering the sheep. Media doesn’t work like gentle Ben used to do… back in the day.

Instead of rounding the sheep up gently, he works differently now. Media barks at them, he commands: “Stay away from each other, or you will die a horrible death. Remain in your pens, keep apart,” he growls. “I will flood you with pictures of terror, make you shake in your shoes.”

For now the sheep are the human variety, they succumb to fear. Panic spreads and they hide away from each other, the world is silent. The images are intense; suddenly nobody dies from seasonal flu anymore, it has a new label. Covid-19. All deaths are listed as Covid-19, the flu deaths have all but disappeared during 2020. Thousands die and the terror is real. The fear has gripped and the sheep isolate themselves. Not only do they wear a mask when they dare to step outside, but when they are alone in their cars, such is the despair. They must do as they are told, or die.

Media likes this game of control. They themselves, are fearless, for they know they have nothing to fear. Every day it is relentless, the sheep switch them on and listen to them. Everything they say is true, that doctor says so, the papers say it.

“Look, they are having needles in their arms, we must do it straight away, we must run and do it today,” the sheep bleat.

The game is playing out now, power is within Bill’s hands. He makes the vaccines that will give the sheep their life back. Or does he? Hold on a minute, look behind you (see pic) there’s a way out. Just take it. Because hidden among the sheep are the warriors. The clever people, disguised as sheep. The dog wouldn’t stop a human walking out from the pen; it is Media’s job just to contain the sheep and he does it well. Meanwhile, the humans are escaping. Little by little, they shear themselves and take off the woolly coat, they throw their masks away – and they breathe.

“Sheep,” they cry. “Can you not see what Media is doing to you? He is working for Bill now. He is Bill. Bill is sly, for the jabs he gives you are the poison. They have stolen all your life savings and they can’t pay your pensions. The countries are bankrupt. Those few at the top have all the trillions. They keep putting the pension age up, they still can’t pay you all. So they have to get rid of you. They want you dead. They want to destroy your business, your life, take your homes, your money, your everything. They will stop you driving by 2030, this is their date. Remember that, sheep. When all is destroyed, they will press the button. It is called the Great Reset. This means all the debts in the world will be wiped away, as will 90% of the population. It’s called the New World Order. It is run by evil people. Only if you let them, sheep”, cry those who are now awake. “Come with us, walk away now before it is to late.”

“Baa,” bleat most of the herds. “We’ve taken the poison, we’ll keep taking the poison, go away, conspiracy theorist.” For the sheep are trained well. They are now in a goggle-eyed illusion. “We have booked our holidays, the pubs are re-opening. We will have vaccine passports so we can live.”

“No. You won’t. More lockdowns and control are all you have to look forward to in this mass genocide programme.” The wide-awake club are persistent. They show the sheep many other sheep who are dropping dead from the poison. Thousands worldwide. If they haven’t died yet, their life spans have been drastically shortened because they run to take Bill’s poison. Can’t wait to destroy their natural immunity and replace it with genetically modified cells. This is not a vaccine, it is gene therapy. Never, ever, has it ever been put into a human before.

“Hold on,” cry the wide-awake club. “Look at the thousands dropping from clots, being paralysed, blinded. Women have your periods been affected? Some 80-year-olds are now menstruating again. Other young women have found their cycles are all over the place. Younger women and men will become infertile.”

Even the non jabbed being in close proximity of those who have taken the mark are showing symptoms. The shedding is affecting them from those who have been jabbed. NHS workers refusing the jab have become sick from their fellow workers who just took the jab. Those in offices, working alongside the recently jabbed, reporting sickness, headaches, generally feeling unwell and fatigue. Many nurses, doctors and scientists are screaming from the rooftops and they are threatening to tell the truth. Hopefully, on the 24th April 2021 is the day the whistleblowers expose all. Indeed, many have been telling you for over a year. Dr Sherri Tenpenny. Dr. Vernon Coleman. Hundreds in fact, they have been silenced by social media but their videos are out there for you.

“This is an agenda running from 2021-2030 it has been bought forward and is accelerating at great speed now.” The awake are getting desperate to spread the truth. “You are being lied to, can’t you see that? If you get any strain of Covid in the future, your body can’t fight it. It will fight itself and you will die from multiple organ failure. You are Covid, now. Don’t you understand anything? Have you not researched anything?”

The sheep immediately run and get their next jab. Then they change their social media picture. “Look at me, aren’t I wonderful? I’ve been jabbed,” they cry.

The awake roll their eyes. “I tried to stop you. I thought at least you, at least you – as clever as you are, friend… would have done your homework.” Climate change. The next round of poison when beef is banned and Bill produces all this substitute food on his hectares of land he is buying everywhere, that will be your daily bread in your colonies. When travel is impossible. The banning of diesel and petrol cars is coming. Planes will stop. Green fuel is the next agenda if the poison didn’t take you first. Or has your head been buried so deep, you don’t know about that either? When they come for your houses and clump you in colonies, is that when you’ll wake up?

When you watch your loved one slump on the floor from the second jab if the first didn’t kill them, is that when you’ll wake up? When the blinding headaches, liver failure, or any of the other horrors happen to you or your loved ones. Is that when you’ll wake up? Media gets paid to hide the truth from you. Long gone is the Border Collie, doing his job. I called out to you last week. I call out to you today. I’ll keep calling. Over the last week I’ve managed to persuade a few people not to be jabbed. Shall I make a prediction? Watch the film unfold further as ‘new variants‘ hold on, ‘double mutant variants‘ hit a street near you.

Uh-huh. That’s coming next. When Bill has you all safely jabbed, he will lock you down again. Didn’t see that coming, did you? Be awake. Stop poisoning yourself. There is every chance you were given a placebo last time. And I’ll leave you with this – Covid-19 has a 99% survival rate. If you get jabbed, catch a future variant, your survival rate is probably 0%. Your immunity has gone, replaced with mutated Covid cells fighting Covid. Who will be the prisoner now?

The shedding you leave will be the real killer to all those around you too. Jabbed or not jabbed. Clever that, isn’t it? Well, Bill thinks so, but, who has the real power here? Those at the top, or those who fail to comply? I put my trust in God and prayed for all your souls this week. Even those who have had theirs disconnected from their physical bodies by way of the jab. It goes much, much deeper than you can imagine. Do your homework and save yourself, and others. Don’t just take my word for it. Or all the other nut jobs out there. What do we know? I also write fiction.

Before I go, here is Matt Hancock. Tory government, UK. Wearing his mask for the cameras, watch what he does with it the minute he’s walked into No.10 Downing St. UK. Off it comes. After all, you don’t have to pretend when you’re all in it together.

Another of Bill Gates’ foot soldiers.

Stay safe and stay well. Till next time.

Trisha x

Are you awake yet?

Spare five minutes of your time

Hi, everyone. This is probably going to be the most difficult and controversial blog I will ever write. It is not designed to scare, just to catch your attention urgently and open your eyes. At the end of the day the decisions you make could save lives, could save yours. I cannot stay quiet learning all I have and now is the time to spread the word far and wide to limit the damage and stop this in its tracks.

Now, I’ve always been a believer, always knew there would be a time I would pray to God for the sake of all mankind. This week I reached that point in my life. Have you ever had a moment when your very soul has cried out to you and told you to stop? I’d like to say I had that.

I have it now, but the truth of the matter is, our 31-yr-old son spent the last year during lockdown doing some heavy research. He started this shortly after we were hit with the Covid-19 virus and the world announced this pandemic. (or plandemic – whichever way you want to look at it). We thought he was going off his head, his urgency become so great we were worried for his mental health. He was ranting, just like my deceased brother used to do; now, we are convinced he was being used as an instrument from the other side to send us a stark warning… don’t take the jab.

Because of his persistence, we stopped short. Initially, we thought we’d sit back for this year at least and watch how this all panned out. Eventually, my sixth sense kicked in and I listened to every word our son was trying to scream at us and I’m so glad I did. Despite umpteen calls and texts from the NHS we declined these jabs. The swabs also, I returned mine, have you seen one of these magnified 1000 times? I have. They have ‘live’ black worm like additives which stick to your skin. Now, let’s be clear, the jabs are not a vaccine, this is something you need to understand and be clear on. This is gene therapy and has never been used on mankind before. It is poisonous and will alter your DNA. at this point, I’d like to add a link…

Please watch this video and spread the word

If you can’t see all the content of this video pm me on Fbook and I will forward you the message. It is being banned from your sight. I have pasted it on my Twitter feed. There did come a point when everything being thrown at us, did not make sense. Alarm bells rang more and more. Why are the media throwing this in our faces 24/7? Especially the jab. Get your life back. Never have so many lies been broadcast. Don’t believe for one moment any of these news presenters took the jab on live TV. I have spent a year doing great research. I didn’t write much last year. I started this year on a more positive note, but now I’m becoming consumed with getting this message out instead. This isn’t fiction it is real and far more important. At this point let me add a FB group that has grown from 0-35K in just over one week. Read the true stories here, see the pictures.

If you have not taken the jab yet, I urge you not to. If you have taken 1 jab, don’t take any more. If you’ve taken 2 jabs, just stop. There is a chance you may have had just a placebo. Take extra care over this coming autumn and winter. The jab has only been put together for Covid-19 the original strain, when this virus continues to mutate, you won’t fight it. At all costs, you need to avoid catching any Covid, especially after being jabbed.

Life will not get ‘back to normal’ you have been and are being lied to in what is the biggest depopulation mass genocide in history. It really is that simple. Stop now and look at the facts. I’m going to leave you with this FB group. If you do anything today, read the stories, read the truth. Getting back to something I said previously, my family of four got together this week. We sat around a table, held hands and we prayed to God and Archangel Michael, to protect us, save us and show us the way. We prayed for all souls to be saved. The jab is also disconnecting souls from human bodies, please research the pineal gland. If you want to know more, have questions, email me or pm me. If you think I’m a tin foil hat nut job, then I can only say I tried to warn you. If humankind is going to survive this, at least listen.

Warning: some of these stories are harrowing. I wish this group and others would go public. If it saves just one life, it would be something. Please keep spreading the word, and stop this.

Stay safe and well, build up your immunity and keep practising safety. Please, please, listen.

Trisha X.

Meeting the authors

As an author, I realise the importance of belonging in a circle of like-minded authors and supporters, who are not only excellent writers but are very supportive of others. Some staples in my life are Eva Pasco, Jesse Frankel, Jenny Jeffrey, Gene Stiles, David Padilla, Jamie Rutland Gillespie, DA Kelly and Victoria LK Williams. Not only do they regularly share my books posts, and I theirs, they support me regularly in all sorts of ways. I may come onto Facebook to find I suddenly have a brand new, lovely cover or Ad picture, a recent surprise from DA Kelly. A great book feature by Jamie Rutland Gillespie. Today, I found I was featured in Victoria’s latest newsletter, see below:…

Of course, there are so many more people who support me, writers, readers, family, and I appreciate every share, every review. My ARC readers are terrific; a brilliant new team and so valuable. A special mention to Nadine Peterse-Vrijhof, who supports so many authors in a multitude of ways. Thank you. I’d like to share a few book links now and pay it forward. I won’t tell you who writes what, click and see – I can guarantee some great reads for you among their collections.

Eva Pasco: 100 Wild Mushrooms, Memoirs of the 60s.

Jesse Frankel:…/B08ZM…/ref=pd_rhf_dp_p_img_3… Edward Eternal.

Jenny Jeffrey:…/dp/1788238915/ref=sr_1_1… Awakening: The Inevitable Door.

Gene Stiles: The World of the Creator.

DA Kelly:…/dp/0648964434/ref=sr_1_2… Brooms Away.

Victoria LK Williams Beach House Mystery Series is running order, this is a link to book 5.

I’ve just scratched the surface here. I will be reading and reviewing Brooms Away this week. There are so many great writers, readers, friends, supporters that I’d like to thank on my journey. At the moment, I’m working on my third Florence Fox Mystery, A Scintillating Summer due for release in April. Next up will be my fifth Bromington book. One fans won’t want to miss, as young, Rosie Wodehouse, finally gets her dream wedding.

If you haven’t started the new mystery series yet, here are the links for you. Clue of the Ghostly Trail. The Secrets of Owl Cottage.

Books 1 and 2 available now-a running series

I’d love you to follow me here to get news of all new releases straight to your inbox. (No junk mail, promise!).

Take care, keep well, and don’t forget to stock up on your Easter Eggs.

Trisha. x

The Secrets of Owl Cottage

Well, here we are! My brand new cozy mystery is out a little early and I think I’ve just had two early 5* reviews in which are among my best yet. Wow! It makes it all worthwhile. I’ll just pop them here for you…

Evil is at the heart of this mystery, both in the crime and the treatment of the new character, Primrose.
The author jumps right in with the easy flow of how the characters interact with each other. It is playful, showing the developing friendships, leaving you unsuspecting as to the awful undercurrents that are hidden by a straightforward murder mystery.
Floxy and friends, both 2 and 4 legged, work together to solve the crime and help a new friend. The personality of each major character is developing, each with their own voice. And there is a romance starting!
The mind games that are played on Primrose infuriate Floxy and Willow, and they are determined to not only clear her name but help her move forward.
The clues are cleverly planted and the ending a total surprise. But it doesn’t stop there. Trisha Kelly, the author, expertly sets the reader up for the next book in the series without the use of an extreme cliffhanger. Well done, highly recommend!

I loved this case!

An intriguing case, complicated, with many sides to it. The case was one of the best I’ve ever read. I found the psychological aspect of the case very interesting. This author has her own unique writing style, very British. And very much relying on the great cast of characters. Very diverse. Some kind, some bossy, some quirky, and I love them all! But, Albus the sweet Chocolate Labrador is my favorite, although he has to share first place with brawny Phantom, who is not very tactful but his heart is very much in the right place. And don’t forget cute little kitten Lila, and the way Albus interacts with her; that’s very sweet and heartwarming! And oh yeah, there is a ghost who leaves clues, he doesn’t play a big role, but it is an important one! So, the characters continued to impress me, as did the storyline.

Weren’t they great? I’m a British multi-genre and mystery writer and I like to write something you can get your teeth into! Of course, this is the second book in the brand-new series and the first book, Clue of the Ghostly Trail needs to be read first so you can see where I’m going with the series. This is the link for book one. I’m a quick writer and expect the third book, The Scintillating Summer, will be released some time during April 2021.

Thank you for reading this far. All my books are on Amazon for just 99p (UK) or free with KU. Happy reading and thank you for following me here on my website to be the first to hear of new releases. I never send junk mail!

Have a great weekend,

Trisha. X