Book excerpts 1:

Bromington-on-sea Page 1

Bromington Heights Page 2

The Case of Amy Owens Page 3

Discovering Witchetty Waters Page 4

Bromington-on-sea – where it all begins.

Rosie could see Bear running along the back of the sofa as she got out of the car with two heavy bags. Anna looked out of the window and waved to Walter. She shut Bear in before he jumped down and then opened the front door to help Rosie.

“Rosie boo-boo, your face is fit to burst, come on, I’m dying to know the big mystery. Tell me it’s exciting.”

“Oh, it’s more than that, much more than that. And Anna, my best friend in all the world, I want you to share it with me!”

Bumble strode past the two friends; the buzz was too much for her. Banging through the cat flap the hoity toity moggy sat aloof on the fence post with her back to the kitchen. Bear was doing his bits and pieces, non-stop barking. “Hold on, Anna – I can’t possibly begin to talk to you with all this racket!”

Anna grinned, and put the kettle on. She changed her mind and opened the bottle of champagne left over from Rosie’s birthday. It didn’t sound very much as if Rosie had been left just a canteen of cutlery. She hoped it was something special, her best friend deserved a break.

Bear came charging into the kitchen, barking, yapping and jumping up Rosie’s legs, like he hadn’t seen her for days. She scooped him up and gave him a big kiss. In return she had a face wash like no other. He was licking her nose, not at all bothered by her freckles, or deep red hair. Unlike her mother, who found her an embarrassment. Michael was blond, like Mildred once was. Nowadays it came out of a bottle.

“Oh, Anna, you would have died. Mother pushed her way into the room first, pulled her chair up and practically blocked me and Dad out of the way. Anyway, the solicitor eventually got to the reading of the will. You will never guess what great aunt Dorothea left her?”

“No, but I know you’re itching to tell me! A stuffed owl, perhaps?”

“No. Two fox fur stoles, a pearl necklace and a box of linens.”

“You are joking!”

“Nope. Then he moved on to Dad and then me. At this point, Mother stomped out and banged the door!”

“Go on. The suspense is killing me, what did you get?”

“Grab the wine glasses, you need to be sitting down for this, Anna.”