As every author knows, reviews are our payday. Most writers give another piece of themselves every time they put pen to paper or type away for hours on end. They wait with bated breath, gnawing their knuckles while sitting on that hot tin roof!

Do the readers like it? Can they get where I’m coming from, and will they leave me a review if they do? Will it be kind? Not always! Sometimes, someone may not like your book content or a character. This is a good thing, every person out there has a different taste, it’s what makes us individuals. A good writer will take all opinions and comments on board, learn and grow, keep expanding. I have been fortunate so far, but many excellent writers will sometimes find themselves at the receiving end of both barrels. Most of the time, not warranted, sometimes there could be a learning curve there somewhere.

On the flip side of this, we are lucky when we get another positive review. I can’t tell you how warm and fuzzy you feel when you spot a new review, or then – the cherry on the cake! – climbing the Amazon charts and finding your books up there with the great writers. Or being contacted to be told your book has been nominated for an award. Imagine the heights you hit to find you have won that award. I have been very fortunate to hit and top those charts and win two awards. They were good charts too – Hot New Releases and Top 100 in Best in Children’s Books. It is much easier to hit the heights in categories which are very obscure and these were not!

Then… you slowly go down again, for two reasons. Unlike the famous writers, you are known only in small circles, the media hasn’t got wind of you! You probably haven’t got unlimited funds to advertise in the way you need to and this is where priceless reviews come in. Do you know, if your book hits 50 reviews then Amazon starts to highlight you, meaning more potential readers, a much wider audience. There is one category I haven’t hit yet, best-seller. Wouldn’t that be something!

And it’s all down to you, the very important readers of our books. Just like any other commodity you leave a review for, please spare a couple of minutes if you enjoyed a book to let others know. Just a few words is enough. Not everyone can leave an Amazon review, but you can leave one on Goodreads, or tell your friends about books, share the knowledge. I’m growing day-by-day and spend hours upon hours writing and publishing my books in all genres. I love writing them all for the very different types of readers who enjoy a particular type of read.

So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for leaving me a review. It is our gold while we struggle in a sea of other great writers scrabbling to swim to the surface.